Summer Mountain Walks


PART FIVE:  RAINED OUT! A Short Walk on the Tejas Trail in the Rain


August 9th, 2014, and I drove 70 miles from home just to add another segment to this series of walks.

But as I approached the destination, it became obvious that I was driving into a series of thunderstorms:


The ridge that was to be my destination is off to the left, so there was still hope for driving up to the ridgetop, it looked clearer until we get even closer and it is raining hard there too:


Driving up a dirt and gravel road in a hard rain might not be a good idea so I went straight on the paved road to Dog Canyon and decided to try walking west on the Tejas trail and see the sun come out as the storms moved off to the northeast.  Maybe there would be some fantastic rainbows!  Maybe.  So I get a way up the trail enjoying a complete but warm soaking until thunder and lightening are close enough to be worrisome just as I get to a place I remembered from previous hikes: a tiny rock-shelter--



As soon as the worst was a way to the east from me I walked west again, and up, to gain these views showing patches of blue:


But, no rainbows!  The sun was out, but the rain had moved too far away by the time I gained some altitude, nevertheless, it afforded some nice views of the ridge where I had intended to be this day:


On the way back down, the sun briefly poked out and I love all Madrone trees so caught the sun shooting through one, and as I walked away from it the sky cleared even more:


Walking the rest of the way down afforded some additional nice views of a desert-mountain landscape freshly blessed by Mother nature:


And that is what happened the day the rains came and kept me from driving to the top of Guadalupe Ridge.  We will be back!!

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