Summer Mountain Walks


PART THREE: VIEWS from the higher points on the ridge


Coming back up the Devils Den trail, we rejoin road/trail 3008 and after a few minutes the road makes a turn to the east to now follow another ridge, to which our ridge has joined.  Note the direction signs (new hike destinations, yea!):

Not far from this turn is the highest point on this ridge where there are two water containers for firefighting purposes:

Walking north over the top of the ridge gives just a hint of the ridge we drove up before turning east onto this present ridge where we parked:

This view in the same direction makes it more clear that the ridge we just walked south on is an interior ridge behind the initial ridge which is higher toward the north, but not toward the south where we are now where the external ridge is lower:

Walking a bit to the west gives a nice view to a road-cut where the Guadalupe Ridge Road comes up to the top of the ridge:

I was quite taken by this complicated tree at the crest:

The one right next to it was also quite complicated though much smaller:

At home in Carlsbad we have one of these "century plant" specimens in our front yard.  They save up food in their roots for about twenty years then stick up this huge wooden shaft with flowers then seeds and then they die, but in the wild there is usually offspring nearby: vegetatively produced offspring is right next to the dying plant and seed-produced offspring is just a little ways away:

Let's get off the ridge and go look south where once past the trees we get a clear view to the highest points of Guadalupe National Park on the far horizon:

We will walk east some more and do more of this view:

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