Summer Mountain Walks


PART TWO: SHORT DETOUR down toward Devils Den Canyon


Trail 202 becomes trail 200?  OK.  What is the Devils Den?  I wondered, so walked in its direction:

It looks like this trail will take us to a canyon dividing two of the ridges:

It gets a little steep in places, but not uncomfortable so:

Soon we come to where there is a canyon incised into the ridge:

This is the side canyon we saw the flanks of:

But it is on the other side where it gets more interesting, those are the camel-bumps of the Cornudas Mountains in the far distance:

We will take several more looks in this direction:

The trail follows the drainage, but even a Park Ranger I asked had no clue where the trail comes out: that will be a challenge for a future trip down this path.

The top left is the ridge we started our descent from:

And the top right is where we are going next!

So the Devils Den will have to wait for another time.  It is the canyon we looked down into, but is deserves an exploration of its own.

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