Summer Mountain Walks


PART ONE:  ORIENTATION and Start of Walk


It was the Summer of 2013 when I first drove up the Guadalupe Ridge Road and took a nice walk on the ridge. Early in 2014 we walked toward Lonesome Ridge starting from that same parking area on route 540.  

It is now mid-Summer of 2014 and the plan is to do a series of walks to explore several different directions off that road in a southerly direction along roads and trails of the Lincoln National Forests's Guadalupe Ranger District unit.  This road and these walks lie in New Mexico but are very close to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park that lies just south, across the Texas/New Mexico border.  Some of the trails will take you from the national forest directly into some of the remote reaches of the national park.

This map is not all that clear but is the best we can do for now: the black dot under the number 16 is where we parked, and then we walked road/trail 540 until the junction with road/trail 3008, took a short detour onto T202 toward Devils Den Canyon and then back to 3008 with a few meanders to look off the ridge. On future walks we will add T207 and T45.  I marked our route with a gray line:

Since my previous walks in this area included route 540, I will not start showing pictures until we turn off route 540 onto route 3008, right here:

This is a very pleasant place, with trees and grass, quite idyllic!

A short distance from this point there was a very nice meadow with cows:

The cow looking our way came over to check us out, I thought, but then turned her back on us:

Not wanting to any closer to the cows I went to other side of the ridge where nice green scene with some bright red flowers enveloped me with an aura, it made me feel like I was part of the scene, I felt strangely at home right here:


Attempting to look east on this tree-laden ridge was difficult, there was another ridge meeting ours to the right, one that we will go to on the third page, but straight ahead and just barely visible through treetops was one of the cliffs that signals the eastern extent of the Guadalupe range.

Unexpected because I did not consult a map before starting this walk, up pops a side trail to the right!

Trail 202?  Let's see where that will take us on the next page.

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 See the Guadalupe Ridge Road and take a short walk on a road/trail branching off it.

 See Lonesome Ridge from a trail branching off Guadalupe Ridge.

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