Seattle's Green Lake Park

There is nothing quite like a foot/bike path around a lake in a big city on a warm and sunny day.

Our time in Seattle was relatively warm and very sunny.  Green Lake was a beautiful place to take a walk.

Every park has rules and some have a map, Audrey and I only did the bottom half of this path (left to right on map) and then returned the same way:

Approaching the park was already colorful and enticing:


We turned to the right from this spot because of the large trees at that nearer end:


Sunlight filtered through a tree canopy is irresistible to me:

Why bother to come to a lake if all you only look at its trees?  Good question.  So here are some lake views:


Earlier this year I took a walk along a lake in Hamburg, Germany.  While walking this path in Seattle it struck me that the way people appreciated their local lake, both here and there, through walking, running, biking and roller-blading, with or without kids and/or dogs, was the same:

This bird reminds us that even a lake in a big city is also an ecosystem:

Thanks for taking this walk with us.

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