Dead Horse Point, UT

At some point in the past we (Audrey, Aubree and I) did a tour of Southwestern National Parks and one State Park.

A place I wanted to see at that time, but did not have time to see, was Dead Horse Point State Park, near Moab.

On this trip (to Seattle and back by car in November of 2014), we made time to quickly see this place as the sun was setting.  

A setting sun is both a curse and a blessing where photo quality is concerned.  Red rock desert colors are brilliant in low sunlight, but the camera is first overwhelmed with light, and then is starved for light very quickly after sunset.  We will do our best to show you what we saw.

That river 2,000 feet (633 meters) below us here is the Colorado River.  It is meandering through this place on its way to Canyonlands National Park.

Getting to this overlook is easy: just park and follow the paved trail:


That snowy range in the last photo above is the La Sal Range which has the scenic town of Moab, Utah, on its northwestern flank as shown in this after-sunset photo:

Getting off the paved or marked trail is quite easy, the sandstone tends to be quite smooth.


But you do have to continually watch for sudden terminations of the rock on which you are walking:


The sun is now essentially down:

The opportunities for more photos will only last a few more minutes, and exist in the east only:


Could not help but notice trails in the desert below:::Next time!!

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