Cologne (Köln), Germany

Part One:  in the Heart of the City

Last time I was in Cologne it was just to change trains and I walked around the Dom, the Cathedral, posted my photos to this site, and wished I had more time in this quite beautiful city.  This year my wish came true, I attended a conference here and took advantage of a free afternoon, a free morning, and a free evening to walk all over the city and even climb the Dom tower!  Great!  So join us and see what we saw.

From our hotel room we could see the Dom.  Down below was a pedestrian-only shopping area:


People do what needs doing to make a living, this was worth a Euro to me.

First walk we took was to get across the river and look back at the city.  At both ends of the bridge over the Rhein (Rhine) river there are these dudes from a different time watching:

Starting to walk across the river gives a splendid view back to the Dom:

That is a lot of padlocks, each signifying the unbreakable bond of love!


At the other end of the bridge two angels were posing for donations, and got some:


I wonder if they even knew that the similarly attired angels all over the Dom are all male?  In the bad old days it was thought that angels, messengers from God to humans, were important.  Therefore they all had to be male!

But those bad old days are way past us!  Now women can even sing in church choirs, something also forbidden in those bad old days, hence the highly prized males with certain body parts removed just before puberty (illegal since 1870) to keep them from losing their ability to sing the soprano and alto parts in church choirs.  I have heard a performances by a castrati (some men are born that way, need no surgery): an amazing voice blending the octave-reach of a soprano with the lung capacity of a man!

Now we have reached the other side of the river and can look back:

Time to explore the Dom!  On the next page.

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