We start by following me to work. After a few stops on the U-Bahn, I get out at the Vienna International Center and walk toward the United Nations (UN) complex there.

I head for the main entrance into the round building between the two tall towers.

Once in the doors, it is very colorful with member-states' flags:

And that is about all I want to show from the inside of the UN complex. This is where I went to work for a week. Why? If you really want to know, click on this link and I'll tell you.

So why did I drag you in here? To show you the city from these towers (I got permission to do this of course). First we look at the Danube to the southwest, bridges and a residential tower, and hills on the western horizon:

Turning a little more south shows an island in the river, a flat nondescript one that we will go see later:

I was able to turn just a little more. Across the river almost straight south lies the western edge of downtown Vienna:

From the other side of the building, downtown Vienna lies directly across the river to the south, and there seems to be a yellow pedestrian bridge to the island. We will go there in a minute. St. Stephen's cathedral is visible sticking up from the heart of the downtown area.

Turning to the east we are looking at some canals and lakes north of the river. Nice area.

It was a long day, and in the evening we head for the pedestrian bridge we could see from the UN buildings:

Looking back we can see the buildings from which the above pictures were taken directly above the end of the bridge:

If we turn to the right, we see the large traffic and train bridge where I will catch the U-Bahn (subway) to get back to my hotel:

If we make a half-turn to the left instead, we see the squarish building and the residential tower we saw in the photos out of the windows of the UN building above:

Turning even more to the left, looking west, we see the hills that were evident in the first photo above, this time we also see the remnants of the sunset:

It is obviously dark now, so let's quickly head downtown on the subway (U-Bahn) and see if anything is still visible:

St. Stephen's cathedral is, the place where I experienced a Beethoven Mass in C, and some Hayden, Mozart and Handel to boot. It was a local composers thing, and it was very good. St. Stephen's has miraculously survived being targeted by the Turks, by Napoleon, by Americans, and by Russians (the last two during the second world war). It was begun in the 11th century, and things were still being added to its interior in the 20th!

Obviously we have to come back the next evening and catch it in some lingering daylight:

Just up the street was some free entertainment, a tight-rope clown act:

Nice old building as a backdrop, by the way:

Turning a bit to the right shows one of the main streets of the city

And a little further right, dinner awaits!

After dinner, a horse-drawn taxi ride? Nah, I walked.

Back to work now, no more city views until next trip? Not quite. There are some more city pictures, taken during a very quick evening visit to the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace! Click here to go there now.

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