Schönbrunn Palace Grounds

One evening I had just enough daylight after work to make a quick run into this palace's gardens (tours of the palace were already closed of course). There is an official website for the palace, click here to go there.

First to catch my eye was this young lady so obviously into the music she was making that I asked if I could take a picture, she said yes, and I donated a few Euros for the privilege of listening and watching. Schönbrunn Palace is right behind her, of course.

After that came the main gate and its view of the palace:

But my aim was to walk the gardens before sunset, so I walked to the right, into a garden with flowering trees, trellises and mazes:

Gardens behind the palace were in two sections, a lower, level part with a fountain at the end, the Neptune Fountain, and a steeply sloping part with an overlook building, a sort of sub palace celebrating the victory of the Habsburgs over the Prussians called the Gloriette:

Of course we will walk up there, but first there is the fountain itself:

With no approach to the front possible, only the backs or sides of the figures are visible from the nearest approach point at the back:

The fountain does allow a good view of the palace,

Backing up some, the city becomes visible beyond the palace as well.

Further up the hill the city views get even better, and turning a bit more to the right reveals the towers where I have been working earlier that day on the horizon to the left of the dome (we are looking to the northeast in the center of the photo):

Climbing the hill brings this view of the Gloriette:

On both sides of this structure there are paths into the woods, a welcome wildness after the constrained French style gardens. This is exactly what the emperor thought when he had the trails built into the wildness, I discovered later.

Coming back down allowed a last picture of the city:

And in front of the palace? Our violinist is still playing with the same obvious enjoyment she showed earlier. If you see her on your visit to Schönbrunn Palace, be sure and listen, and tell her you appreciate her music if you do, and drop some good sized coins into the violin case.

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