Krems, Stein and the Wachau

For a cute map of the region click on this line and go to the Austrian tourist website. Click on a town and see a picture and read about it (German, sorry). I am using that map to keep my story straight, below, as far as place names etc.

As I added picture after picture to this page I began to realize that I had many more photos than should be put onto one page. So another page follows this one, a page on Stein and Krems after exiting the boat.
Link is given here as well as after the last photo on this page.

First there is the boat ride. After leaving Melk, there was a casdtl on the right side of the river. The map says it was Schönbühel and the picture suggests it is worth a visit. Next time. Now, here is how it looked from the boat:

From the front, the tower looked unreal, like a false front, but from the side it looked real enough.

Soon after, the ride got into the hill country that is the Wachau:

Next is Aggsbach, another fancy residence spanning many generations it seems:

The next village is Rossatz, perhaps, but whatever it is it looks modern and very pleasant:

The narration on the boat suggested this was the remains of a castle belonging to an infamous and ruthless robber-baron. He may have been a bad dude, but he overlooked some nice property!

The next thing I know, the boat is making a sharp left trun to land at Spitz. Two other boats are coming up the river. One of them is mine for the next leg of the ~ 25 mile river journey.

This must be the one I am to get on next, since it is the only one left.

Spitz had its own charms, of course: a colorful tree,

And two youthful bikers,

Soon we are on our way again and I have some excellent apple-strudel:

The oldest church in the region is passed on the left, St. Micahel's,

And Weissenkirchen comes up next sporting a genuine Maypole!

But the highlight was our pulling in to Dürnstein, whose baroque chapel looked rather inviting, and whose castle had Richard the Lionhearted as prisoner for a while. His troubadour singing outside the walls allowed Richard to locate his best chance at escape, and escape he did, if my German served me well:

The castle wasn't easy to photograph from the river (it wouldn't hold still), but it seems to have been built on two, if not three, levels up that hillside:

The last bend came and went, and suddenly it was time to turn in to Krems (but we are looking at Stein, the two cities are one):

Across the river, another Stift! But, no visit on this trip!

Soon after walking ashore and enjoying the warmer air away from the river, clouds rushed in and it rained lightly.

My idea was to finish Stein and Krems on this page, but it is getting too long, so here is a link to yet another page, INTO STEIN and KREMS!

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