Into Stein and Krems

I walked quickly, since it began to sprinkle, into the area of the two churches I saw first from the river. That turns out to be Stein. The third church visible, a bit further east, is in Krems. Krems is the largest of the two towns.

Here is what I liked about Stein, the caves between the two churches, as well as the path from the one to the other above those caves:

At the top you come out here:

This is the Frauenkirche hill and church, and from it the river can be seen:

The Stift across the river can be seen readily from here:

Now it is time to walk into Krems. On the way there is this backyard just downhill from the church:

Krems has a nice downtown area:

Its downtown has the usual shopping zone, and a gate:

On the other side of that gate, the city park begins. Flowers again!

Tulips look good in pink.

These colorful numbers were hard to ignore:

But it was time to get back and pack to go home the next morning. So, off I go to the train station to catch my Wiesel for a fast and comfy ride back to Vienna:

Arriving in Vienna close to nine PM, I was surprised by this church poking its head above a subway station, I be;live it is the Votivkirche, a splendid monument built for the wrong patrons, the old royal order, when the balance of power was just swinging to the populace and democratic values were more popular than authocratic values. So, it has no natural parishioners according to my guidebook and is gloomy inside. Oh well, I'll check that out next trip. The exterior impressed me the same way as the cathedral in Cologne impressed me: I was awed by the sheer magnitude of the height and width and by the intricacy of the exterior wall and tower detail. Don't get me wrong, I am also a democrat, and won't become a parishioner in the Votivkirche.

I would have gotten closer, but it started to rain in earnest. Subways are wonderful in that sort of weather.

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