West of the Guadalupes


The Gypsum Sand Dunes of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

3.  Peak Experience

We are now entering the northeastern edge of the dune field where the dunes are highest:

These plants are a testimonial to the tenacity of life!

But I am teasing you, if we look up we see we are very near the highest dune:

So this is what you are here for, huffing and puffing up the side of this highest dune in the whole field:

From the top we see what we have seen before, more dunes and tenacious vegetation:


So far we have only looked down, now let us look up, first toward the west:

Then to the east:

Looking to the south shows some of the other higher dunes with footsteps criss-crossing them (not ours)

and the abrupt edge of the dune field in this direction:

The edge of the gypsum dune field is also abrupt in the northeasterly direction (silica-sand, clay and silt dunes straight ahead):

The longer direction across the field is toward the southwest, the direction from which the peak winds come that drop this material here:

That is probably all the dizzying height we can tolerate for one day, so on the next page we will go down.

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4.  Denouement

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