Paris in February

A Winter Visit to Paris

It is February 2016 and it is chilly and rainy the whole time I am here, except the last day of meetings when, at sunrise, I noticed an odd thing while walking from the Metro to my meeting: a clear blue sky!

With a bit of solar assistance, the temperature climbed into the mid-40s (Fahrenheit), and going back to the hotel after the meeting it was evident that people had bundled up their kids and brought them out to play!

Just before diving back underground I saw the low light of evening on the Eiffel, and with a promise of cool but dry weather the next couple of days I began to look forward to a free day in the city the next day:

What did I do with my free day?  Visited one of my favorite haunts, the Sacre Couer at the top of the Montmartre:

For some reason this advertisement in the Metro caught my attention.  It is a personification the God Paris, for whom the city is named, I'm sure, but it was suggested (by a rude but insightful person I live with) that it is a 'selfie' of my ego in Paris!?

Be that as it may, I decided to revisit the top of the Montparnasse Tower, this time with a camera so I can share the views with you:

The first place I wanted to locate from above was the Sacre Couer I had just visited, and there it is, far away on the right near the horizon, the Montmartre seems like hardly a hill at all looking from here!

Didn't see the Sacre Couer cathedral in that previous photo?  A bit of telefoto magic may help then:

That golden domed building in the foreground two photos ago is Les Invalides, a complex of military museums, churches, and a hospital and residence for veterans.  The row of massive buildings at the boundary of its grounds (also seen in the above photo) are on the other side of the Seine River:

Of course one of the primary attractions for rooftop gawkers is the Eiffel Tower.  The skyscrapers in the background are in the La Defense part of town.  The wooded area between the Eiffel and La Defense is the Bois de Boulogne, the Boulogne woods that I have feautured on this website before:   

This photo shows the considerable size of the Bois de Boulogne, and also the Metro line I took to get to the Montparnasse Tower (the covers are stations on the # 6 line):

Montparnasse is also a railway station, hence all the tracks:

The Montparnasse Cemetery is a very large one directly below us, so only part of it can be seen (there are metal and glass guards that keep one from leaning over the side):

I never get tired of visiting Paris.  

Hope you don't either.

Please join me on a daytrip to Evreux in Normandy next?

Go to Evreux!

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