No. McKittrick Start

ONE: Entering the Canyon

TWO: Views into Dog Canyon

THREE: Following the Canyon Bottom

FOUR: Turning Back

Several years ago we walked into the very northern start of North McKittrick Canyon, starting from the Guadalupe Ridge Road (Forest Roads 540 and 3008 and a now abandoned part of Trail 201).  This walk was later complemented by a NORTH McKITTRICK CANYON walk starting in Texas at the main McKittrick Canyon's Pratt Cabin in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  At one time the plan was for a future walk to connect these two starts, but the next (third) attempt got to water sooner than expected!  A fourth walk looked down on North McKittrick Canyon from its north rim to estimate the level of difficulty involved in walking down from the northern reach of the canyon; it was a nice walk, but useless for judging difficulty.  

So. now, in April of 2016, we go back to the very start of the canyon and walk down the bottom until we have met the second tributary, where it begins to look like the canyon bottom we have walked on coming in from the south.  THIS WALK IS THE BRIGHT LINE ON THIS MAP:

SOLITUDE: Never saw a soul all day.  Well, human soul that is, did see several deer bounding away--guess they saw or smelled me first.  

So, let's start at the top: we will walk up that small hill on the right edge and come back down in the divide between them, then head off to the left, downstream, for a few minutes:

I was pleasantly surprised by the trail markers on the slope, although I lost them a few times on the way back:

The "trail" (better than nothing) takes us close to the edge of Devils Den Canyon, that ridge in the distance coming toward us is Guadalupe Ridge:


Our first destination will be the hill cut off by the photo on the right:

Then we will go to the bottom of the canyon and follow the trees around that next bend:

The meadow with trees is nice, will be nicer once it greens up of course, this is still last year's growth:

So let us go up that little hill and peer into Dog Canyon and some other places, on the next page.

NEXT--TWO: Views into Dog Canyon

THREE: Following the Canyon Bottom

FOUR: Turning Back

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