Maui Hawaii


A very good friend of ours, Punam Thakur of Carlsbad, New Mexico, gave me her photos taken on a tour of Maui, Hawaii.  

She returned from Hawaii on the 26th of December, just a few hours before the big blizzard hit!

[Please pay NO attention to the date and time stamps on these photos, they are way off!]

Soon after she got home it began to snow.  This was the view from her front door the next morning (trees and her car):


Just the day before coming home she saw scenes like this on one of Hawaii's more famous beaches, Waikiki:


And just the night before she was leaving scenes like this view from her Honolulu hotel:

Her entire stay was at  82 degrees F in the day, 72 in the night [28 C per day, 22 per night].  The only way to know it was Christmas-time was the decor everywhere:


Just to show no prejudice, Ms. Thakur photographed both male and female Hawaiian statues in the capital city:


Just kidding!  This was the male statue she decided to include:

She also photographed some of the spectacular flora of the city:


Somehow, despite the heading at the top, we are still on the main island.  

The promise at the top of this page was to take you to the island of Maui.  So let's go there now:

Her Maui tour was the Hana Road Tour, which follows that road around part of the island and includes driving through rainforest and seeing state and national park sights including the black sand beach that exists on this island (see the link for some highlights, and also follow the next pages).

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