Lonesome Ridge Part Deux

Page One of the Second Attempt to Walk all of the Lonesome Ridge Trail:

Orientation and from Forest Road 201 to the 307

Last time we (you and me) attempted Lonesome Ridge we started out with route advice from the Bureau of Land Management, for a slow old person like me it was a 9 hour round trip, which ended just before my goal.

This time I followed the route suggested by Mike Hill (see first page of previous walk, linked below).  Hill suggested his route was a 9 to 12 hour hike, and that although the elevation difference was just under 700 feet (~213 m)  the ups and downs mean a good 2,000 feet (610 m) of elevation gain (and loss), so it is no wonder that it took me 12 hours and I was still about an hour shy of my goal.  This picture (thanks to Bing maps) shows where I got to this time, and the stippled line shows where I had wanted to get to:

So why did I not push on?  Well as it was I arrived back at my car a half hour after sunset.  No big deal, full moon was coming up soon and I had two light sources with me.  But not ideal in terms of safety, and safety is important.  How would I be able to tell my tale here if I break a leg on the trail where no one ever seems to come?  neither my previous 9 hour walk nor this 12 hour walk showed me evidence of any nearby humans.  So caution, even over-caution, is my game plan.

What was different about this route?  I took Forest Road 540 off the Queen Highway as before, but this time stayed on it until the gravel grade ends, and there made a left turn (north) as on this map (I started the red line at this 540/201 intersection:

Just for kicks look at the canyon north of Lonesome Ridge on this map, and then again on the next page of the same map book:

Now it is called Black Canyon, but it has Frank's Spring.  Cool.  The above map also shows another view of what I did (solid line) and where I wanted to go (dotted line).  Next time!

The Golden Stairway Trail is said to be crazy-steep, that is not my style since I practice over-caution.  

Enough preliminaries, lets get on the trail.  This is the first leg, from the place I parked to the intersection with Forest Road 307, the Dark Canyon road, where the X is:

Car is parked here and we are looking at FR201:

We pick up FR 201 here and it is very soft and pleasant at the start:

Soon the road turns with a nice view down Dark Canyon:

The road climbs now and gets a touch rockier:

Soon we come to the intersection with FR 307, and this sign says to keep going straight for the 201:

We will continue this walk on the next page.  Just click and follow!

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