Evreux and Saint Taurinus

The Church Dedicated to Saint Taurinus

Walking back into town we looked for the church of Saint Taurinus, it was not hard to find:


It is a very nice old building, showing its age:


Let us go in!

A brochure explained there were stained glass scenes from the life of Saint Taurinus, but the woman I asked said they were in the museum now.  I told her I just came from there and saw no stained glass, and she simply shrugged her shoulders and walked away.  This is where they should be, but I saw nothing particularly related to Saint Taurinus' life here:

This is a working church and not a shrine.  It may have been a shrine long ago, but the saints heralded here now are of a somewhat more modern stripe such as these familiar ones, Joan of Arc, and of course there is always a sculpture or painting of Mary with Jesus:


It is only as we leave the building and look back that we see our Saint Taurinus, next to Saint Michael.  That is only right.  Michael may have slain a dragon, but Taurinus rid his city of several monstrous demons, plus venomous creatures of all types, and even civilized a demon that still harmlessly haunts the city.

After this we head back up to the railway station for our ride back to Paris.

It has been a very good day.  Evreux is a nice place  Thanks for the suggestion to check on this city where Saint Taurinus live his very interesting life, Julien!

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