Evreux and Saint Taurinus

Views from the Saint Michel Neighborhood

At the top of the stairs shown on the previous page, a walking path turns right, and just to the left of the path is a very nice neighborhood:


We follow the path, of course, so we can see the city from above, with the Cathedral in its center:

To the right we see where this valley meets another valley:

At the end of this path it splits with a trail going back down into the city and a trail going up:

We choose up and look back at the city:

Large, largely underground, water storage basins are located at the top:


The neighborhood is named for this retreat, the Saint Michel (Michael) retreat:

We return to downtown the same way we came, almost:

We take a nature walk down to the town, very nice although it did have its ups and downs:


Our last place to visit is the church dedicated to Saint Taurinus.

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