Evreux and Saint Taurinus

Evreux City

It is hard to go into the city and completely escape the cathedral, it dominates downtown and it takes a few steps to get away from it:


Along the L'Iton river stands a clock tower, reconstructed after the war:


The riverfront behind the tower is very attractive and well cared for:


On the other side, across form the tourist information center, stands this photo of Americans who entered this city and liberated it from Nazi occupation on 23 August, 1944!

I was impressed by both the very modern city library and the very traditional city hall:


You will be happy to know I am only showing a fraction of the photos I took on this rather looped walk:

On the next page we will go uphill to the Saint Michel neighborhood, that straight line heading up to the words Saint Michel is this stairway, which we took both up and down:


The next page offers views from that walk.

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