Evreux and Saint Taurinus

Page Three: The Our Lady of Evreux Cathedral

The cathedral is not the church dedicated to Saint Taurinus, the latter is a smaller edifice.  

The cathedral is connected to the museum (which used to be the Bishop's palace) by a covered walkway:


The cathedral is the Our Lady of Evreux cathedral, and is a registered national monument.  It is monumental in its scope for sure:


Its very structure is a work of art, and it is not lacking in other works of art either:

Forgot to write down what this statue represents, it may be Our Lady praying and looking lovingly at her son as he is being crucified while her entire body is attempting to turn and flee.  An amalgam of love, fear, faith and the flight instinct.


However, the statue's pose is very similar to the pose in this Annunciation painting, which combines wonder, some fear no doubt, and piety, but no fleeing:

The stained glass is a mix of old and modern, as is typical for buildings that survived the last World War:

The Chapel of Our lady. . .


With this very emotive pieta:

I found some of my saintly friends (meaning we have visited their shrines-click on the names below to go there) celebrated in this cathedral in several dedicated alcoves, like St. Therese of Lisieux (first photo) and St. Bernadette of Lourdes (next two photos):


It is time to leave the cathedral and see the town and its surroundings, so please go to the next page now.

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