Evreux and Saint Taurinus

Page One: Orientation and Arrival

This map of Normandy is from a German tourism website, link is on the map.  On it you can see that Evreux is straight south of Rouen:

There are a number of places on this map we have visited in the past: Rouen, Lisieux, and Mont St. Michel.

We arrive here from Paris on this train and at this station:


From the station, the city center is downhill:

The name of the local river is L'Iton, and it has been divided into several canals and is thus channelized/controlled through the city (it has its headwaters in nearby hills and joins the Seine to the north).

As we walk through the city we notice a rise in the terrain to the south and decide to go there for a view over the town, eventually, but first we want to go see the cathedral and the museum to learn more about Saint Taurinus:

On our way to the cathedral we meet another channel of the L'Iton river:

At a bend in the river stands the former bishops' palace, now the local museum:


The museum stands alongside the cathedral, an impressive building in both size and complexity:


A covered walkway connects the cathedral with the former bishops' palace, and a very strange work of art stands between them, part of the museum's collection:


I was not interested enough to look up who made this and other similarly fantastic metal sculptures in the museum itself.  They remind me of the desire to enhance humans to make them into super-powered heroes, all the rage in television programs and movies these days, and perhaps something every pre-adolescent dreams of at some point in his or her life?

But we are on the trail of Saint Taurinus, and we are about to meet him (next page).

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