Celebrate being Alive!


Late in 2015 my uncle, John, sent me a good-bye email, he felt he was dying.  

At 93 that is certainly his right and privilege.  

But then after the first of the year in 2016 he said he felt that perhaps he could hang in until his 94th birthday in March.  

Well why not?  And why not celebrate the fact of simply being alive during some, or even all, of 2016!



The tail end of the severe North-Central & Eastern New Mexico Blizzard of 26 December 2015 in Carlsbad, New Mexico.


A good friend goes to Maui, Hawaii, and returns to New mexico just a few hours before the great 2016 blizzard!


Three forays into the Guadalupe Mountains, by car and on foot, March and April, (1) the Black Canyon Lookout, (2) Forest Road 9553, and (3) the Pinnacle.

The last of these three forays led to several corrections in pages describing "nearby" walks in 2015 and 2014.


It is February, one more business trip to Paris, weather was cold and rainy except last day of meetings.  Next day (a free day at my own expense) went a place I had not been before, this time with a camera, so posted some photos looking at the city from the top of the Montparnasse Tower.


Same February trip, a second free day, went to Evreux to explore the legend of Saint Taurinus.  Quite enjoyed visiting this medium sized town in Normandy.


It is April 2016.  Spring!  Leaves are out and there are a few flowers here and there in the desert, but the Guadalupes are still in Winter drab.  Nevertheless a beautiful day presented itself and enticed us to do a long walk and North McKittrick Canyon was visited once more.  We go where the north arm of the canyon starts, again, but this time we look around a bit more than previously, and follow the canyon bottom until the second tributary comes in.


Another southwestern New Mexico walk: the Florida Mountains near Deming.


One more foray into the Guadalupe Mountains: by car and on foot, still April, but this time a good piece of the LONESOME RIDGE trail explored.  I did not go all the way to the end?  No.  Ran out of time and energy to complete the walk, so will do it again later this year, promise!


A walk on the Ocotillo Trail, one of the nice things that Carlsbad, New Mexico, has to offer besides its Pecos River walkways.


A second attempt to explore the Guadalupe Mountains' LONESOME RIDGE trail.  I started an hour earlier and went  about an hour further than in the previous attempt in April.  But still did  not go all the way to the end. Once again, ran out of time and energy,  so will do it again later this year. That is a promise--again--but next time need to drive further and walk less.  The date of this hike was 05-24-2016 when the Coyote Fire was raging through the Guadalupe Mountains National Park to the south, closing almost all of that park.


Another short hike in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, its Gypsum Sand Dunes.  Plus a ride among the Cornudas Mountains just across the border in New Mexico.  The entire park was closed because of the Coyote Fire at this point in time so the only part of the park open to visitors was the Gypsum Sand Dunes area to the west of the main park.  The Coyote Fire, at this point, was a managed burn to remove dry grass and brush.  It was started by lightning.


A 2013 page on the geology of the Cornudas Mountains was updated.


Bloody Hell !!! LEBENSBORN, the program to detect and remove Aryan blood from conquered lands and bring it home to Germany, among other things.
























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