Russia Trip in 2013

PART G--Downtown Moscow walks

Chapter One of Two

Taking a walk through the streets near my hotel was very pleasant::

First I discovered a place where I could get a large Diet Coke with some ice:

That pretty red church behind it was not far away from an open air produce market:

A bit farther away, on Red Square, stands a massive building that looks almost like a French chateau in style.  It is a three-story mall, with as its anchor Gum, which is Russia's premier department store, and which was celebrating its 120th year!

With a little help from one of our hosts, I was able to figure out and use the subway system.  Here we are going down the very long escalator in one station:

And here we are going up in another station:

The metro stations were very nicely decorated downtown:

The best thing about the Metro in Moscow?  It is very clean and the three cars I was on were cool, air conditioned!  Apparently air conditioning is new in the system (link to article from the time I was there, with record-setting heat).

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