Russia Trip in 2013

PART F--The Kremlin

Chapter Two of Two

Now that we have looked at the river side of the Kremlin and seen Red Square, it is time to go through the gate and see the actual Kremlin.

To get there, we walk through some nice gardens (Alexander's Gardens):

The grounds by the entry way are very nice, love the bright red flowers!

We go to the Armoury Museum and see the treasures of Russia and the world, fantastic!  But I cannot take photos: not allowed.  Of course there is an official website with photos, and I recommend it.

After we come out of the museum we walk past ornate office buildings (or museums) and head over to see the magnificent Russian Orthodox churches and cathedrals in Cathedral Square (no photos allowed inside, but of course since these are now museums you can see quite a few photos on the same website already linked to.  Just click on the name of a cathedral  under the museums heading.

Off to the right we can take a peek at the Moscow River and beyond.

The Kremlin sits on a hill, obviously, here we are almost even with the top of one of the guard towers:

Cathedral Square is quite full of cathedrals, not surprisingly.  The Church of the Annunciation is in the left foreground, the Archangel's Cathedral is in the right foreground, and in the background is the Assumption Cathedral:

Another look at the Assumption Cathedral:

This is Ivan the Great's bell-tower complex:

This is the top of the Upper Saviour's Cathedral and Terem Churches.  Our guide informed us that being a czar's wife was restrictive.  Czarinas were restricted to this rooftop with all its ornate crosses for their outdoor exercise, to keep them from being attacked or kidnapped, one would presume.

This government office building has reputedly never been remodeled during its hundred year existence, the architecture was so perfect.  It is next to a more modern office building where Pres. Putin has his offices, overlooking Red Square.

Now it is time for a walk through downtown Moscow, starting on the next page.

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