Russia Trip in 2013

PART F--The Kremlin

Chapter One of Two

Kremlin is a word that means fortress, and many towns in Russia have one.  But The Kremlin usually means the Moscow Kremlin, a beautiful place, a seat of government and also a location for fantastic museums and some of Russian Orthodoxy's most beautiful churches.

Some variant on this view is sometimes used in news programs to suggest this  location, it is a beautiful place:

Talk about beautiful places, just outside the Kremlin's walls stands the Saint Basil Cathedral, part of Red Square (red meaning beautiful, not a political statement):

In the distance to the left of the left guard tower stands the building that houses the Russian Foreign Office, their department of state.  It is one of the "seven sisters" --seven massive buildings demanded by Nikita Kruschev to show the world that Russia too could build skyscrapers.  Farther distant to the right are even more modern skyscrapers built for the usual commercial purposes.

Walking downriver gives a view of the other end of the Kremlin:

Let's walk onto Red Square (free), and then into the Kremlin (tour tickets required, not free).  

We (you and me) will walk onto Red Square coming up from the Moscow River:

The large building past the St. Basil Cathedral is not a medieval chateau, which it resembles on the outside, but a very ornate shopping mall:

Here is an up close view of that mall on Red Square, a beautiful building (see page F, this is a mall!):

In the center of Red Square stands V.I. Lenin's tomb (tickets required):

That dark red building in the background is the History Museum and it is colossal:

And to its right is the gate through which we will now exit Red Square:

We haven't even gotten into the Kremlin yet!  That will require a second Kremlin page.

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