Russia Trip in 2013

PART D--The Bolshoi Ballet

The opera I was privileged to see and hear at the Bolshoi was "Giselle." You can read about it here on the Bolshoi Theater website, and see a couple of still photos about the performance.  

It was stunningly performed, by the dancers, of course, but also by the orchestra.  

NO photos are allowed during performances.  So all I am able to deliver is a picture of the cast taking a final bow under strong blue light:

The Bolshoi building on the outside was impressive:

I was amused at the advertisement across the street for an American and a French pop star:

But on the inside the building was gorgeous:

During the intermission, there is time to explore other parts of the building:

So the building was impressive.  

The performance was very impressive.

Of course!  After all, it is the Bolshoi!

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