Russia Trip in 2013

PART B--Quick stop in Frankfurt along the way

My flights took me from Dallas, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany.  I arrived there in the late morning and my next flight was in the evening, to Samara, Russia.  A two-hour time difference and a 4 hour flight meant arrival in Samara at 3 AM.  This meant I had a need to sleep on that night-flight, and that meant needing to do whatever it took to stay awake that first day in Europe.

So I went on the train to downtown Frankfurt and looked around.  The first thing that caught my eye was this river cruise boat with my birthplace as its name: Nijmegen.

As I kept walking, across the rive I saw this church, quite picturesque, and the boat I was looking at just a few minutes ago was passing it by:

Looking back in the direction I had just walked from the main train station, gave this view of some of Frankfurt's taller office buildings:

Speaking of tall office buildings, this must be one of the money centers of the European Union since it shows up in television programs talking about the European economy, with its star-spangled Euro sign in front:

As interesting as the Euro might be, and I wish I had my pockets full of them of course, following the river in the other direction led me to the old city center, just to the left of this church:

Architecture in the old city is very traditional:

This quaint square is connected to the shopping center of the downtown area:

And would it really be Germany if somewhere in town there was not a fountain dedicated to an ancient goddess?

So that took a large part of my very long layover time.  I was very glad to get on board my flight to Samara, Russia, from here.  It was scheduled to leave at 9 PM.  And it did.  It was scheduled to arrive at 3 AM (local time).  And it did.

You will see what I saw in Samara on the next page.

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