The Dance is Over

Part 4 of 4: When the music stops . . .

Walking back up, through the narrower canyon through which Trail 68 climbs, was actually a good experience.  The plentiful life in this narrower canyon, and especially the plentiful and colorful flowers, almost made it seem like a celebration was in progress.  I felt like having a funeral for my tree-friend, but a funeral can be a celebration of a life well-lived, and is made more cheery and festive by the new life and color suggested by flowers.  I accepted the invitation to cheer up at the springs that feed Sitting Bull Falls:

So I began to cheer up.  I was feeling the positive creative response along this path, the flip-side of the coin representing what Mother Nature had done below.  With the same watery hand she destroyed in one place, and created in another: Kali!

I walked on and up, and as I did so I felt my inner being lifting out of its dark state and joining in the celebration of creation, of life, evident all around me:

As I broke out on the top of the canyon, I again felt the love of Mother Nature all around me, fed by waters that destroyed along a narrow path far below.  It is what it is.  It is as it is.  It is as it should be.  

Driving home reminded me also of both the wonder and the fragility of life as I had to brake and swerve for this mother nursing her baby in the middle of a fast road:

Please enjoy your life at every moment possible.  While it lasts.

PS: speaking of life and death, I am posting these pictures on the one-year anniversary of my younger brother's death.  Alex loved trees and flowers too and would have approved of my obsession with these two wonderfully colorful and playful specimens.  

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