The Dance is Over

Part 3 of 4: When the music stops . . .

I came to my tree-friends and my heart sank.  Standing behind my one dancing tree I did not see the other one, until I looked down:

There she was on the ground, literally up-rooted!  The height of the debris on her trunk indicated the height of the flood that flashed through here and knocked her down, pulling her roots out of the ground.  She will never rise again!  I was very, very sad:

The dance is over.  For one of the two trees, the music had stopped.  The force of the water had pushed her over and left her dancing partner all alone:

Her??  Well, there is no he and she where trees are concerned, but the surviving tree stood still against a rock, and this tree was dancing more wildly, apparently coming toward the other tree. So if this were a dance-competition like "Dancing With the Stars" the somewhat more stationary one would be the 'he,' and the one making the more daring moves around him would be the 'she.'

I petted her leaves and wished her a new life through her roots.  Perhaps her roots will send forth new shoots and new life.  Perhaps her life really is not over, but I will not live long enough to see a new tree here.  

For me the music has stopped, this "Dancing With the Trees" season is over.

I was very sad walking away from this scene.  

But as I walked away my mood lightened as I began to realize that this fire and water combination were not unlike some of the Gods and Goddesses of several major religions who created and nourished, and at the same time destroyed.  An example is Kali:

That descriptions fits what I was seeing here.  Mother Nature giveth and Mother Nature taketh away, and we are powerless, and are to suffer the same fate: if we are born, we will die.  It is just a matter of time.

I decided to go back via Trail 68.

Soon I was overlooking the place I had stopped before and seen the evidence of a great flash-flood:

We return to civilization on the next page, but not before seeing some heart-warming scenes of exuberant life.

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