Pecos River Flooding

PART ONE: Introduction and North of Town


It is 12 September 2013, the end of three successive days of downpours.  

Very nice for a very dry place.

But the capacitiy of the natural as well as the engineered drainage systems through Carlsbad, New Mexico, were overwhelmend, and minor flooding occurred.

It was a "happening" that many of the locals, including Audrey and I, went out to see.  Come and see with us.

First, coming home mid-day from a doctor's vsit, there was water where I had never seen water before at the north end of town where typically the river flows undergound (as you can see on this previously posted page about Carlsbad and the Pecos River).

The flood height sign suggested there was about 6 feet of water in the river here.

Just a few hours later, the flood-height sign had been topped over, as had the road: we were not going back to town this way: 

These photos are all from the north part of town where the "Eddy Flume" brings irriagtion water into town, as well as southeast of town where there is a large agricultural area.  On the next pages we will look at the Pecos River in the middle of town and to the south, and we we will also look at the Dark Canyon drainage.

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