Dog Canyon Walk


Part 4: Meeting the Blue Ridge Trail

As the top of the Marcus Trail got closer, we lost sight of the two volcanoes we have been tracking.  As we enter the trees, it seems there is quite a cloudburst occurring over the two of the peaks of the Cornudas Mountains complex:

Once in the tree, the weather turned and it was raining here too.  Even some small hail fell.  It turned cold.  Here, rain and cloud masked the mountainside next to us to the west that was clearly visible just a few minutes before:

The climb up to about the 7,400 foot elevation level seemed to never end:

Vegetation looked quite healthy beside the trail:

Grades were gentle, this was a nice walk through the woods, so there isn't much to say to accompany the next few photos:

Every crest leads to a new view:

This new view was of another ridge in the middle of the upper part of West Dog Canyon, a ridge we have to walk past to get to the east side.

It is almost a surprise, after a very long walk on the Marcus Trail, to see it suddenly end.  But given tiredness and the time of day, the Blue Ridge Trail was a welcome sight:

Now we go west on the Blue Ridge Trail until we meet the Tejas Trail (next page).

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