Dog Canyon Walk


Part 3: Moving up in West Dog Canyon

From about the same spot that we looked down the canyon on the previous page, now we are looking up:  we have a way to go yet.  

Our trail keeps taking us to the right side of the canyon, where we will eventually meet the Blue Ridge Trail.

As we approach this ridge's top, it promises us some trees and shade!

Indeed, as we crest there is some shade!

The trail takes us through a mini-forest for a very short while:

But once through that little forest there is a very large area that has been completely burned out. Here we take another look at the Cornudas Mountains to the west where clouds are building:

As we continue to climb it looks like we will be back in trees again soon, but it also looks like clouds have been building in our direction of travel too:

Sure enough, over that next ridge we are back in the land of trees. Here is a view back to where we came from:

Greenery and flowers are a very welcome sight at this point.

The trail continues to cling to the right wall of the canyon:

Where little side canyons come in, there is much greenery:

On the next page we will meet the Blue Ridge Trail.

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