September in Germany

Berlin, Quedlinburg, Peine

A Three City Tour in 9 days in 2013

Coming home with jetlag and staying up late to transfer photos from my camera into my computer was a disaster.  Out of 187 photos, only 1 survived my inexplicable failure to "save" the photo file I was creating.

So I need to go back, yes?  Yes.  Of course.  But it won't happen, not for a while.  But we never say never.

This was a business trip, I had meetings in the three cities visited. But this is not the place where I talk about my business.  Audrey was with me on this trip, and we shared much the same impressions of the three places we visited (links are to articles about each of these three places):


Main Train Station


Brandenburg Gate


We found Berlin to be downright pretty, very clean, easy to get around in using public transport, and full of historically significant places and landmarks, some of them very sad and sobering but all on display, no one is whitewashing the Nazi past here, it seemed.


Collegiate church St. Servatius in Quedlinburg


Quedlinburg-market place

Another view of the St. Servatius church

Quedlinburg is very important place, historically.  The link under the name above will give you many details.  It is here that Henry the Fowler's officially sainted widow, Mathilde, founded a religious community for women on the castle hill, where daughters of the higher nobility were educated. The main task of this collegiate foundation, Quedlinburg Abbey (where the Annals of Quedlinburg were compiled), was to pray for the memory of King Henry and the rulers that came after him. The first abbess was Article, granddaughter of Henry and Saint Mathilde.

The Quedlinburg castle was built up by Henry's and Mathilde's son, Otto I, 'the Great' in 936.  Otto defeated his enemies and united Germany, but ruled also over Italy and was anointed the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.  The town and its court remained important through the centuries.  Its medieval town and abbey now are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Peine is a pleasant town with several historical landmarks and a fine but small downtown shopping area.  Of the 187 photos I took on this trip, the only one that survived is from that downtown shopping area:

So how do I feel about losing all those photos through my own jet-lagged negligence?  I feel bad to a small degree, although I found it interesting to read the Wikipedia articles about each of these places.  Maybe you will too?

The trip actually did not end in Peine.  From Peine there was an 8- hour train ride to Paris, struggling mightily with luggage at each change of trains.  Then two days of meetings in Paris, then home. There was no time for playing tourist in Paris, but I have so many Paris pages already that it is not a big deal to skip taking pictures in Paris.  Instead of playing tourist, on our one free evening Audrey and I had a very nice dinner at a colleague's house.  It is very nice to have a human touch like that on a trip such as this one, and the food was great.

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