Above Sitting Bull Falls

Part One: Climbing Above the Falls

Last week I walked up Trail68A, the steep one.  This time I went up Trail 68, the slightly less steep and longer one:

As you can see in the above photo, there are flowers along this trail too:

Summer flowers!  What will Mother Nature think of next to cheer us up amidst the obvious devastation wrought by the 2010 fire?

Maybe a colorful butterfly on a colorful flower?  (Left side of lower patch of flowers.)

This line of white flowers reaching to a burned tree caught my eye:

The trail parallels the creek that feeds the falls:

Life is abundant where water flows, even with the entire flow-channel dominated by burned-out dead trees:

But, we are not here to see all trees, we are looking for two trees in particular. My favorite 'dancing trees.' and they are located between two trail junction points: B and D.  Here is B:

In the background is something surprising, green trees among the black and dead ones!  It sparks a hope in me; could my dancing trees possible have survived?

To allay the disappointment I feel I am bound to experience, I decide to take a walk on Trail 217 before I go look in the place where I know I last saw my tree friends.  We continue on the next page:

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