Bear Canyon, Texas

Bear Canyon Part 1: 

The Frijole Trail to the Bear Canyon Trail

Last time we went to The Bowl, The Bowl was actually the goal.  Hunter Peak was just a little bonus.

This time, Bear Canyon itself is the goal.  

To get back from the top of Bear Canyon, we will walk through The Bowl once more and come back down the Tejas Trail again because it is gentler, though exactly twice as long.

So, on this map, this is what we will do:  leave the Pine Springs area on the Tejas Trail, until it meets the Foothills Trail.  Take the Foothills Trail to the Frijole Trail.  Take the Frijole Trail to the Bear Canyon Trail.  Take the Bear Canyon Trail to the Bowl Trail.  Finally, take the southern part of the Bowl Trail back to the Tejas Trail, and then the Tejas trail back to Pine Springs.

We will start taking pictures at the first trails intersection:

This first leg is quite pleasant:

We cross several drainage ways:

After a while the trail turns toward the southwestern face of the range:

Several places have surprisingly verdant vegetation, apparently places where downflowing water slows down or collects:

The trail soon comes to another marker, and we stay on the Frijole Trail at this point.  The Frijole Trail has several ups and downs before turning toward the mountains and rising steadily:

The trail crosses drainageways with vegetation:

This part of the trail seems a bit unexciting even though eventually Bear Canyon comes into view (Smith Canyon is the larger canyon behind it):

It seems like we are not making much vertical headway on this trail until we look back and can see by El Capitan that we are slowly gaining altitude:

After a few more turns, the Frijole Ranch area with its distictive conical mountain is visible below:

We end this first page with the marker for where we meet the Bear Canyon Trail:

On the next page we go up the Bear Canyon Trail.

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