A McKittrick Ridge Walk

Part 1: An all-day hike just to close a map-gap?

What on Earth is a map-gap?  Easy.  When I came into McKittrick Canyon from the north, I got to point B, and when I came onto McKittrick Ridge from the Dog Canyon side, I got to point A:

So this time my goal was to close tta gap and reach point B again.  But my feet I failed and only got me to point C! As bosy-pain increased and daylight decreased, I turned around and high-tailed it home.

But where my feet failed, my eyes did not.

At point B, I looked up to see the trail crest onto McKittrick Ridge where that ridge has dropped down considerably:

At point C, I looked down and saw where the trail crested. So visually, the gap is very nearly closed!

May 2013 correction: it took two more hikes to get this error straightened out, at point C I was NOT seeing point B.  There were still a few miles and hundreds of feet of elevation to go!

Maybe sometime in the future I will close the gap physically too.  But now now.  Not even soon.  (It took until May and June of 2013.)

Once again I gave away the ending of the journey at the start.  But that is just to reinforce that the journey IS the destination.  

The very fact you are seeing these photo pages already shows you I survived, so there is no real suspense to by playful with at this point.

Today's journey began just as a cold front had swept through the region and lowered temperatures by more than 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Last hike here, the temperature was about 94F (34C), 102F (39C) in the valleys below.  This time?  About 80F (27C) in the valleys, and mid-70s (~24C) at the higher elevations. Simply wonderful, later in the day!

But at the start the wind was howling, and it was cold enough to have to wear a jacket.  Starting out it was quite cloudy and high winds at higher elevayions were indicated by these lenticular clouds:

As you can tell from these last photos, we are already past Lost Peak:

The sky cleared and the wind slowed as the day wore on.  On the next page we will start where we left off the last time we hiked here, on McKittrick Ridge.

Part 2: The first part of McKittrick Ridge

Part 3: The second part of McKittrick Ridge

Part 4: The final part of McKittrick Ridge

Part 5: Returning, with a planned-for sunset

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