Christ's Ventriloquists

Eric Zuesse's Christ's Ventriloquists (Hyacinth Editions, 2012)

This book is a no-holds barred exposé of Paul, the self-proclaimed apostle, and how in his own letters by his own hand he essentially admits to having misappropriated Jesus from his Jewish followers, including his brother James, to establish what became an anti- Jewish religion.

The author, Eric Zuesse, asked me to comment on his pre-publication draft,

which I did.  

He then asked me to write an endorsement,

which I was happy to do.  

He cited a line out of that endorsement on the back cover of his book:

Note that I am simply described as a former Christian fundamentalist, which I have been in my past, spending years poring over the Bible as if it were literally the word of God.  On this web site I describe my break from fundamentalism (of the Mormon Christian persuasion: the fact that Mormons are not considered Christians by many Christians is their problem, not mine, and given Zuesse's book it is a moot point!!).

After several months of reading and thinking and providing a few content and editorial suggestions to Zuesse, it came time to write a short endorsement paragraph to supply to Zuesse for his use:

“Your book cleared up some important historical mysteries for me. It is the only work on the origin of Christianity that makes its case convincingly, because here the earliest Christian writer, Paul, is shown to be testifying against himself.

An open-minded reader/juror is driven ineluctably to the conclusion that Paul was, indeed, guilty of inventing a new religion by deceptively appropriating Jesus from his Jewish relatives and followers twenty years after Jesus's death, and retroactively deifying him in violation of several of the ten commandments -- commandments from Jesus's own religion, which was always Judaism, never Paul's Christianity.

You prove that Paul also intentionally created the lie of the Deicide against the very people from whom Jesus came, and whom Jesus had sacrificed his life to protect: Jews.

Paul is exposed to be virtually admitting (and conclusively proving) that he did this not just to curry favor with the Roman regime that had executed Jesus for sedition, but also in order to exact revenge against Jews who were denying that Jesus was their promised Messiah. Thus, Paul purposely unleashed millennia of deadly fury and cruelty toward Jesus’s own people, for their refusing to worship the man whom Paul declared to have been a god.

You have thus documented shocking history, which can no longer reasonably be denied: This is an overwhelming case, from Paul's own writings, proving that Jesus would loath Christianity and would be absolutely furious against its creator -- Paul.”

Abe Van Luik, Ph.D., a former Christian fundamentalist.

Out of that paragraph, Zuesse's publisher picked the one line cited on the back cover, as shown above.

I recommend this book highly to anyone interested in exploring the origins of Christianity.

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