Colorado River Revisit

In 2009, I posted a series of photos showing where in the Colorado River I had spread the ashes of our father, mother, and sister.

Coming back to Las Vegas on a flight from El Paso, I flew over the spot, and seeing it again determined I needed to revisit the site.

 My wife accompanied me, as did both 'our' dogs: Blue the pit-lab mix and gentlest dog I have ever known is actually our grand-dog since it belongs to our daughter, and Trixie, a feisty black-Chihuahua scrapper that belongs to our grand-daughter, so it is our great-grand-dog.

If you ever want to make dogs happy, take them to a river!

Here, Blue is asking politely when these silly leashes will come off:

As soon as the leashes come off, it is off to the river they run:

Water fowl seem to hold a special fascination for both dogs:

OK, a bit too far for Blue to swim to the ducks.

That is enough dog stuff.  Now let's go look at the site where ashes of three of my closest relations have been scattered (my mother's idea, by the way).

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