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Arrival and Objective

Google Maps is where this image came from, showing that Nevers is south of Paris: two hours by train:

When you step off the train you are looking down this avenue, the city's center begins where you see trees at the very end of this street:

A tourist map is provided on a street corner near the train station:

Our primary destination is the "Couvent Saint Gildard" (follow the straight brown line to the left and then up).  But of course there is more to see in this nice medium-sized town on the Loire than Bernadette and the place where she spent her short adult life.

Parts of the Saint Gildard convent and its grounds are open to the public, many parts are closed, it is a working convent.  Some of the parts open to the public are open for devotional purposes only, hence no photography is allowed.  

I obeyed, not so much because of the signs, but out of respect for the people there exercising their faith.  I did not want to irritate, let alone blatantly disrespect, those who were quietly praying by the remains of this saint.

If you wish to see a photo of those remains, here is one, click on the image itself to go to the "CatholicPilgrims.Com" website from which it is e-borrowed.  That website has many other photos of the convent and of the saint, it tells the story of her life from a believing-Catholic perspective, and it can be used to book guided tours:

[Note that these are the actual remains, but the face is covered with a finely crafted mask, and the hands and nails have been treated to preserve their resemblance to the hands of the living person.]

So now we have stepped off the train and instantly transported ourselves to the objective for this trip: the remains of Saint Bernadette Soubirous.  

There is much more to our one-day discovery trip, of course, but that can wait until the next page.  It seems disrespectful to continue on this page.

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