White Sands

Dune Walk One:

the Heart of the Dunes

Dune Walk Two:

on The Edge

If you looked at the page on the area's geology, you have already seen this map.  The first walk is in the area where the words: "Heart of the Sands" are.  The second walk is the "Big Dune Nature Trail."


introduces both walks and gives links to each of the two walks below



was taken to get to the heart of the dunes and to see the plant life that exists there, an unexpected encounter with a very green, very living tree in the midst of these dunes sets me off on . . .


after coming back to the car I spotted a Ranger.  I asked him what sort of tree I had seen in the dunes, and he didn't know since he was brand new in the park.  But he suggested that my answer would be found on the Dune Life Nature Trail.


I was rather pleased that this "sand" is heavier than the typical sand of a dirt road.  There was no dust cloud behind my car or anyone else's.

The Ranger at the entrance said the winds were in the 20 miles an hour range in the dunes, and they started to pick up sand at about 16-17 miles per hour, but could only lift it to about ankle height, so my walks would be fine from a dust-breathing perspective.

IF I went into the Alkali Flat area to the west, however, a sizable walk, there the winds were stronger and carry significant smaller particles of sand aloft.

I saw the evidence of that in the air ahead when I approached my first walk area, so parked here where the air was clear:

And so here begins walk number one:

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