Pecos River @ Malaga Bend

A Salty Tale in Several Parts

2.   Where the Black meets the Pecos

Where we can next access the river is maybe 4 miles downstream, and this is where we first see the Black River adding its flow to the Pecos, meaning that the Black River ends here (see the Black River pages to see that river from this end, right here, to its beginning).

To get to the junction of the Black with the Pecos, we crossed a one-lane bridge, as seen in this photo:

Here are some views from near that bridge, one looking upstream to the junction of the two rivers,

two more looking downstream toward Malaga Bend, which will be our next river-side stop:

But before we go to Malaga Bend, I was interested in seeing just how distant we were from Nash Draw, so now we drive over the ridge dividing the river from Nash Draw and we see that we are now perhaps about four miles southeast of the United Refining Company's abandoned salt works on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake of Nash Draw:

If we turn to the left on this ridge, now east of, but not far from the town of Loving, visible in the next photo.  The Pecos River flows between us and Loving below the western edge of this ridge we are walking on.

Make a mental note of the rather nice looking native vegetation in these last two photos.  Where we go next that vegetation has been removed to allow more grass to grow, to feed livestock.  The land may be more productive, more useful for humans, but it sure isn't pretty to look at.  That next not-so-pretty stop is at Malaga Band, just east of the town of Malaga.

The first bend east of Malaga (3)

A salty tale at Malaga Bend (4)

Watching the Pecos go 'round the second bend (5)

Meeting the Pecos just southwest of Nash Draw (1)

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