One Day in Germany 1

Köln (Cologne) to see the Dom (cathedral) from the outside only

At about 3 AM, I had to change trains in Köln (Cologne).  I was excited about that, because I remember from my childhood trips with my older brother to Germany, from Nijmegen (not that far away in the Netherlands), that we changed trains here and walked around and were awed by the sheer size of the Dom, the cathedral, which is right next to the train station.  We were also awed by the destruction in parts of the downtown area.  War damage had not yet been repaired, and seeing blackened piles of rubble and remnants of walls where there had been buildings, over city-block sized areas, was sobering, even to a kid.

Today, some 55 years later, I am happy to report I am still awed by the size of this cathedral:

Once back on the train, my extended play-day was over. Shortly after arrival at the airport it was check-in time for my flight to Dallas-Forth Worth, and then later to Roswell, and then a drive to Carlsbad and back to work the very next day with a body 8 hours off its normal schedule.  How rude!  

But I am lucky to be employed, and privileged to have a job that sent me to Germany and allowed me to take a day on my own nickel to go and make this visit to Hermann Löns' grave site!  

It is November, the season for Thanks-giving.

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