One Day in Germany 1

A Quick Walk Through Hannover

Hannover (traditional German spelling, it is the English who knock off an 'n') is where I ended up after my walking adventure, waiting for many hours for my night-train.

There were earlier trains, of course, but I wanted to avoid a night’s hotel charges in Frankfurt, and sleep on a train instead. I must either really like sleeping on trains, or I am cash-challenged.  Both.

We start our walk from the train station and immediately see something I have not seen before, an underground mall running in the middle of a main street from downtown right into and through the whole length of the train station!

It continues under downtown, just not open anymore.

Here is a look back to the train station.  In case you wonder how the big stores along the road cope with this underground competition?  Simple, their lower sales floors open up right into the sunken mall. They are an integral part of it.

I couldn't help but look twice at the window display in the store under the stairs I used to climb out.  I liked this dress:

And I was stunned by how good this mannequin looked without hair ("all men grow up if they live long enough," my wife tells me; at 67 I am obviously a late bloomer):

I had to grin at what I saw the next street I walked down, a TK Maxx store.  Why did that make me grin? Because there has never been a TJ Maxx store in the US that my wife didn't like!

Yup, same type of store.  So was it the TK Maxx or the mannequins that reminded me of my wife? Obviously the correct answer is "both."

Let's keep walking and stop talking:

I had good vegetarian fare at a Lebanese restaurant. Next time I will (bring my wife and) try this vegetarian specialty place:

Just a few more city-scape shots and I am going back to the station.  This is a very pleasant city to walk around and gawk around in, but I am getting a bit tired.

Earlier in the day, in the forest, I was looking for wood-nymphs and faeries.  I finally found them here, captured and cruelly compressed into two dimensions! They put on a good face, of course, but I know what they really want.  So the next time I am here I will purchase their release, take them back to the forest, and set them free!

After my walk about town I went to the Deutsche Bahn Lounge to read, write and drink many diet Cokes.  First class means I can use the nice DB first-class lounge to wait for my train. Free diet Coke, and a restroom (one demands the other)!

In the station itself, it is 1 Euro to use the restroom (today that is $ 1.37, an expensive plop or tinkle).

May have to spend that Euro though, lounge closes when I still have 1.5 hours to wait, and will still be full of that slippery caffeinated liquid.

Next stop is Köln (Cologne).

Go to Köln (Cologne) and see the Dom (cathedral), outside only

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