One Day in Germany 1

Hermann Löns' grave and memorial

Part One of Two

The trail had many more beautiful spots, and a few small towns to either pass by or through.  

In one small town a memorial reminds us of those who lost sons, and daughters, in the Second World War.  German mothers and fathers mourned their losses, most quite convinced their children died for a proper cause, the defense of their homeland.

Several small detours toward the river Böhme gave nice views:

The above path, though very attractive, was a dead end.  But I was very close now, and the farm where this path ended was across the river from the Löns memorial site.

So, we go around the large farm and cross the river:

Now we have arrived at our destination, the nature preserve that houses the Löns memorial.  

As wise people know, however, it is the journey that is the destination: the journey is life.  It is moments that add up to a life.  Every moment spent on the trail is as important as those moments spent at our 'destination.'

The nature preserve is sizable, so it still a bit of a walk to reach the grave.  We are now on the other side of the river Böhme:

Soon enough we approach an area where heather dominates, punctuated by just a few trees:

The grave site is ahead up the low hill:

We will reach the grave on the second page about the Löns memorial.  To go there, click here.

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