One Day in Germany 1

Bad Fallingbostel and its surroundings

Part One of Two Parts

Once at Bad Fallingbostel I followed the signs to Löns’ grave rather than the directions on this very well done and informative web-site.  I appreciated this website greatly since it told me where to go on the train, and what to look for, in terms of signage on the walking path to get to Hermann Löns' grave and memorial monument.  

But rather than bypass Bad Fallingbostel I wanted to walk through it.  After that I rejoin the route recommended on that very helpful website.

I was surprised by the forceful flow of the river Böhme here.  I expected a slow-moving water mass with stagnant stretches. None of that:

Walking through town sent me past a curious park with large boulders, Megalith Park:

Each boulder was labeled with the rock-type and source location. These boulders, it turns out, were from Sweden! They had been shoved here by glaciers, across a frozen sea, to get here!

After Megalith Park, I walked through town, stocked up on water and a few items to chew on, and started to follow the red deer path (marked with little red deer signs on trees and poles). That trail would take me to the Löns gravesite.

At one spot in this very pretty little city I saw heather, in a planter, but still in bloom!

The planter is near this intersection with a sign that says Walsrode (where I planned to catch my train back) is 7 km away on the highway.  It is a quite a bit farther when one walks the trails through the woods:

Here is where I met the route recommended, for its scenic value along the river, in the above-cited website:

Now we start to follow the turn by turn instructions, except for two places where the description did not seem to match current reality (things change).

Soon, we make a left turn here and enter the woods:

Leaving Bad Fallingbostel via its surrounding woods requires a new page (click here to go there).

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