Park Ranch Gypsum Caves

A Visit to Two Gypsum Caves in the Gypsum Plain of New Mexico, South of Carlsbad

In Three Parts, Each With Multiple Pages

Part 3:      Cave B

Page 3-1:  Looking around before entering the cave and coming to a good place to turn around

Before we enter cave B, we look right and see yet another cave opening:

That actually looks more inviting than the one we are entering, but if we climb over the ridge with this cave opening in it, we see that we would not get far, this is its water-entry point (there are several more sinkholes like this to the right):

So, flow from that very large opening goes into this cave, after being "outside" for just a few feet:

I promised this time to take NO pictures until we were on our way back.  And this time I sort of kept my promise.  

So this is where we ended this walk.  I am lying on a slab (second photo down) overlooking a lake that the two who went further said was at and above their respective waists. OK, so why did I decide to turn back at this point?

I decided to turn back because (1) we were about a half hour coming this far, and (2) I had to do the flat-belly crawl over that slab in the next photo just to overlook this lake, and there was promised to be much more of that sort of stuff ahead:

So now we turn and go back.  Chicken?  That is one interpretation.  Lazy?  That is another. Cautious?  Yes, in a lazy-chicken sort of way, that's it!

But now I get to shoot just a few of the interesting rock textures and scenes I walked past to get here, like this one:

Before you yawn at this point and go see if it is your bedtime yet, take a peek at the next page.  It'll wake you up.

PART 1:   Introduction

Page 1-1:  General introduction to the Gypsum Plain and its karst features

Page 1-2:  A look around before heading into the caves  

Part 2:      Cave A

Page 2-1:  Moving into the cave

Page 2-2:  Deeper into the cave

Page 2-3:  A good place to stop and return

Part 3:      Cave B

Page 3-1:  Looking around before entering the cave and coming to a good place to turn around YOU ARE HERE

Page 3-2:  Interesting rock fabrics along the way NEXT

Page 3-3:  Merging with other underground streams before the exit

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What made this place the way it is today?  Looking back at the Permian.

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