Carlsbad, NM

1.    Carlsbad in Late Fall

In 2010 I moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico, to be able to stay employed.  Since that time, I have come to appreciate the beautiful places nearby in southern New Mexico, but never included Carlsbad itself in that list.

Most of Carlsbad is just a town where hard-working people live, and it is not beautiful.  But it has beautiful areas, it has some very nice neighborhoods, and above all, it has the Pecos River!

More important than all of that: it has very nice and friendly people.  That makes it a very habitable town.

So, this is where I live, very plain house, very plain car, but I love my two evergreen trees:

One block east are some great trees and a church:

The very next block is the local museum and art center (very interesting, by the way) and the local library (very good, by the way).  Here is some of the statuary outside both:

This reading lady reminds me of my wife not so long ago, a mostly Swedish beauty:

The art center has a great mosaic representing some of the local highlights: Native American culture, the nearby caverns, potash mining, agriculture, the railroad, oil and gas, and current human and cultural diversity:

The downtown area has a few nice places too:

Finally for this page, there is also a statue of one of the very first explorers of Carlsbad Caverns.  It stands beside the National Cave and Karst Research Institute building.

But the main Carlsbad attraction, to me, is free recreation for kids and adults in the parks and paths that surround the Pecos river.  We will go there on the next few pages.

Carlsbad's Pecos River in Early Fall

Carlsbad's Pecos River in Late Fall

Carlsbad's Pecos River in Late Fall (Continued)

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