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Page 2.  The Colorado River and Grand Canyon seen from a Commercial Flight

American Airlines to Dallas/Fort-Worth from Las vegas sometimes gives a very good view of the Colorado River as it enters Lake Mead (brown water) and slows down (blue water) [photos taken with iPhone]:

Note the river flowing through some greenery to the right.  Soon it will be in a canyon, in fact the next view shows the river below a high cliff.  One of these cliff points is home to the Skywalk, where a local Native American tribe has built its famous glass extension off the cliff allowing you to walk out over a thousand feet of air (click to go to "Skywalk" home page where you can view a video as well as photos of the walk):

This is the west end of the Grand Canyon, of course. Our flight also lets us see into the main canyon, but not until after it makes a northward turn (look for the river to follow the main canyon):

Just as the view was approaching the main canyon, a cloud layer came along and blocked the view after this last look at the west side of the canyon:

As luck would have it, after a few minutes, the main Grand Canyon, between the greenery of the South Rom and the North Rim, did come back into view, but now we are much farther away:

Not much later, the river turns north and there is now a stark contrast between vegetation on the higher elevations of the two rims and the lack of vegetation to the east

That green knob to the right in the next photo is 10,000-foot Navajo Peak, a mountain sacred to the Navajos:

And at this point it is time to sit back and take a nap.

Thanks for flying with me for a few minutes.

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