Hoover Dam Bypass & More

Page One, the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

The new bridge is named in honor of a past Nevada governor and newspaper editor: Mike O'Callaghan, and Pat Tillman, a football player for Arizona State University and the Arizona Cardinals who gave up his multi-million dollar career as a professional football player to enlist in the U.S. Army, and was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004. [links are to Wikipedia articles]

We will start by looking upriver to see the Colorado River (Lake Mead, actually) coming toward the dam:

From this same spot, the dam and the new bridge behind it are hard to see with the lowering sun in our eyes:

Next we will go the other sode of the dam and try to get a better view of the bridge and the Colorado River flowing southwest from here:

That white tractor was used to shove stalled vehicles or wrecks out of the way back in the days of the dam itself being the shortest road connection between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

So now it is time to drive back up to where the short set of stairs and ramps are that give access to the bridge.  Near the Arizona-Nevada border on the bridge is this sign in the floor of the walkway:

The best views (only toward the dam, there is no walkway on the other side of the bridge) are in the middle, and toward the end on the Arizona side:

Speaking of the Arizona side, if you drive across the dam where the road now dead ends, because of the lack of traffic the desert bighorn sheep that live in this rough terrain now come close to the road that isn't a road anymore.  They are very hard to see, both in real life and in these two photos.

Thanks for coming along!

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