Hiking in a densely vegetated canyon: an adventure with a buggy end.

In three parts.

A Short Hike


Living in Las Vegas, it is a thrill to climb into mountains, out of the desert, where there are trees!

So imagine the allure, when visiting with James' grandparents, to go and do a short hike in a densely vegetated small canyon (a run as they like to say in some parts of the east).

This is the Quesinberry house we started out from, and its neighboring pond:

The trail starts out as a road:

At the end of the road there was a nice view into the canyon below, but not a nice path to descend on:

The steep slope and muddiness of the soil around these trees made going down here very risky.  But close by it looked like laurel reached from top to bottom, and might offer a friendlier terrain to climb through (I thought so, James did not, James watched me descend a ways through the laurel and waited for me to scramble back up and come to my senses):

Although the laurel was not as friendly as I had hoped, it did offer some nice photo opportunities to scramble down in it, then back up:

After a bit of struggle I came to an abrupt dropoff that the laurel negotiated nicely, but I would not be able to:

So I came back up where James waited patiently, and the sun through the laurel was wonderful to behold:

Part Two shows Plan B.  An alternate path down?  Yup. Well. Sortof.

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